We are called to be Protectors.

We shall lead our families to Refuge and Defend them at any cost.

It's what we do.

Are you Ready?


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SRC Rural Property Defensive Tactics Course 3.0

September 1st - 3rd, 2017

Bonners Ferry, Idaho

Purpose:  Train rural property owners how to create, design and effectively implement defensive plans for their own retreat.

Trainer: Verrett's Tactical Training Team

Friday September 2nd:

Training Objectives for Day One:  

·       Basic medical class

·       Fundamentals of marksmanship

·       Shooting holds, different shooting positions

·      Retreat Defense Part I (Situational awareness, Lighting, EDC items, Making a defensive plan)

·      Gear/ weapons class (Weapons selection, Optic selection, Ammo selection, Holster selection, Armor/ Armor carrier selection)

Schedule: 1230 to 1730 hrs

  • Meet at site, intro's, sign waiver's, course overview, safety brief.
  • Basic Combat Medical class,
  • Class on fundamentals of marksmanship, zeroing rifles, pro's and cons of different zero's.
  • Zero rifles / Confirm zero's, Fundamentals of Marksmanship, Practical App, Shoot holds out to 200 yards.  Different shooting positions.
  • Retreat Defense Class part I/ Weapons/ Optics/ Ammo selection class, Gear/ Holster set up class.
  • Break for day, Instructor(s) to help shooters get their kit set up.

Saturday September 3rd:

Training Objectives for Day Two:

·       Pistol fundamentals

·       Rifle fundamentals

·       Retreat Defense class part II

·       Permaculture Class (creating an edible yet Tactically sound landscape)

·       Optional night shoot

OPTIONAL CLASS: Small Unit Tactics Combat Footage Review and Critique. Fee $250.00

Schedule: 0900 to 1730 hrs

  • Pistol fundamentals.
  • Retreat Defense part II (analyzing your retreat from the attacker/ defender position)

1200 - Lunch

  • Rifle Fundamentals.
  • Permaculture/ tactical landscape class by Brian
  • Steak dinner provided for all participants and families (Local Craft Beer provided)

Sunday September 4th:

Training Objectives for Day Three:

·       Mindset talk/ Building a fighting position class

·       Pistol/ Carbine work (barricades, shooting and moving, transition drills)

·       Intro to Combatives class/ Practical, Fighting to your pistol or rifle

·       Shooting Stress Course (Putting it all together)


0800 - Briefing

  • Mindset talk/ building a fighting position class
  • Pistol/ Carbine transitions, barricades, shooting and moving.

1200 - Lunch

  • Intro to Communication
  • Intro to combatives class / Practical
  • Shooting Stress Course
  • Finish/ clean up

Never leave the lives of your family and friends to chance.

You must seek training from those that have real world experience. 

At SRC our Tactical Division Team has years of experience on the street ready to pass onto you and your family.

With the looming worldwide socioeconomic collapse and violent unrest that will surely follow, now is the time to train with those that are willing to share those lessons so that when seconds count, your ready to Protect your loved ones.

*NOTE: All courses offered to SRC Clients require a signed Confidentiality Agreement, CCW and/or Background check and are not included in the basic SRC Consulting Packages. Call for Pricing.