Step Two:

Property Scouting and Analysis

Turning the Dream into a Realty

The value proposition from Survival Retreat Consulting to you, the client, is the actual boots on the ground scouting, identification and evaluation of potential survival retreat properties based upon the overall sustainability criteria we've helped you create through our initial consulting.

After the major factors of Country, Region, State, Locale have been identified and agreed upon, SRC begins work to research properties that meet the basic criteria of  Water, Food, Energy and Defensibility of properties in the locale.

The Inspection Process

Most of our clients have an average of three full days to find and purchase the ultimate sustainable property before they must leave to go home and pack. If you've done this before you know first hand that most of your time is wasted driving around with a supposed real estate professional that really only wants to write an offer, and they sure never offered to spend a week or more previewing property for you, did they? Of course not, that's why we created Survival Retreat Consulting.

Step 1: Resources

We utilize ALL available resources to find property for sale in your chosen locale.

This includes (FSBO) For Sale By Owner properties posted on internet sites, on post cards in grocery stores, gas stations, small diners and pubs and anywhere else we may see them. This includes FSBO's our local contacts as well.

We do use the local and regional MLS (Multiple Listing Services) which provides the bulk of the properties that we end up pre-scouting for a client, however, some of the best properties we have ever seen came from an older seller that wrote a short note and posted it on a board at a small gas station!

Step 2: Initial Property List

SRC develops an initial list of properties that meet the clients criteria and email it for discussion. This is done over a few weeks before the client arrives on their retreat purchasing trip. This list is constantly updated, even the night before the client arrives. Both SRC and the client agree on an approved property list ready for scouting.

Step 3: Scouting and Evaluation

This is the core of our unique service. SRC schedules and inspects all properties on the list. For properties that meet the grade SRC will take a video report along with pictures and email these to the client for further review. Properties that fail will be discarded with the reason relayed during a follow up call.

This process can encompass a few weeks to several months until the perfect property is identified. Once SRC and the client agree that one property is most likely the best choice, the remaining properties are rated, scored and scheduled for showings upon client arrival. SRC normally works within a 45 to 90 day window, however, if a client is under a short timeline, SRC can complete an entire scouting and inspection process within three to five days, pending client arrival.

Step 4: Client Arrival and Tour

Upon arrival we will meet the client and begin touring the pre-approved properties with our approved broker. This normally is a two to four day process. One each property visit we will walk the entire property as SRC covers their initial inspection report and then view the home and cover possible retrofitting aspects. This process is a relaxing and exciting experience for our clients, as all the work has been completed for them before arrival.

Who are my neighbors?

We've all looked at properties on those bulk online real estate advertisers and learned that proprieties are never what they're made out to be. Our consulting service is here to pre-visit and uncover those dog properties that waste your valuable time. From our own personal experience during our Strategic Relocation to the American Redoubt, we encountered properties for sale that looked perfect online only to visit them and see the neighbors next door have a less than appealing property and learn their character may come into question.

Step 5: Meet the Neigbors

When the client is ready to write an offer, and if the client approves, we will go meet the neighbors to ensure that there are no issues. Many times the client wishes to do this alone, either before or after close of escrow, however, SRC is happy to escort the client and make a relaxed and informal introduction.

Secure the Property

Step 6: Make an Offer

You'll be working with our discreet brokerage service to conduct your property purchase. Our American Redoubt brokers and affiliate brokers around the country are personally interviewed and trained to our standards in OPSEC, confidentiality and discretion, so you'll be confident that your transaction will be successful.

Property Analysis

Once the property is secured, Survival Retreat Consulting can be hired to complete a full property analysis that will give you an overall design and retrofit plan for your property covering Water, Food, Energy and Defense. Our experts Brian, Bill and Brandon will ensure you know how to create the ultimate survival retreat property.