How to Qualify to Hire our Firm

SRC Approval Process

Survival Retreat Consulting qualifies potential clients based upon three criteria;

Character, General Background and Financial Worthiness.

Character Matters

Survival Retreat Consulting qualifies potential clients based upon three criteria; Character, General Background and Financial Worthiness.

In order to sort out and discard prospective clients that would tarnish our reputation and that of the Prepper movement, we ask that prospective clients read and agree with our character guidelines. These guidelines are not to discriminate but to ensure we are both a good fit for a prosperous working relationship and the ultimate success of our journey together.

1. Absolutely no discrimination towards any race, religion, group or party as protected under HUD guidelines. We will not work with those that are intolerant of others. America was founded on Freedom, let's keep it that way. This does NOT cover Moral or Political views, no apologies to the Alt-Left Tyrants.

2. Please don't talk about overthrowing our current government or violence towards anyone in office. The team at Survival Retreat Consulting prefers to stick to the goal we are hired to complete; finding your perfect property.

You're welcome to discuss tactical issues regarding possible threats relating to any property you are interested in. That is a part of the services offered by Survival Retreat Consulting. When we discuss defensibility and tactical aspects, we always refer to the following threats; Roving bands of violent refugees, a Foreign occupation force, and of course the timeless classic, Zombies.

3. Survival Retreat Consulting promises to be respectful, kind and great listeners. We reserve the right to refuse or discontinue consulting services to anyone who does not reciprocate.

BACKGROUND & financial qualifications

We are not concerned with how much capital you are allocating for your Strategic Relocation. However, you're required to show proof of such means in order to retain our confidential consulting services. We successfully help those that spend thousands all the way to millions, and we understand that for most clients, it's every penny they can muster just to make their dreams come true. We've been in your shoes, we get it.

So, we are happy to begin a relationship with you at anytime and work hard for as long as it takes before your actual property purchase and subsequent relocation. However, we can only approve prospective clients that are willing to adhere to the following approval process.

  • Complete a Confidential Client Questionnaire
  • Complete a 30 to 60 minute interview with us after which;

 Should both Parties see mutual benefit in a working relationship the following steps are required;

  • Sign a mutual Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Sign a Confidential Consulting Services Agreement
  • Sign an Exclusive Broker Representation / Referral Agreement
  • Provide proof of financial worthiness by providing ONE of the following;

o   Full loan approval (Only required 2 weeks before client arrival)

o   Financial statement showing actual liquid assets for a cash purchase

o   Bank statement showing the cash down payment for an owner financed contract

o   Buyers MUST present proof of financial worthiness before arrival. This cannot be waived for any reason.

  • We do not accept ‘walk-ins’. Every client is carefully screened.