Bug out bag packed and ready; check. Pistol and tactical flashlight on your belt; check. Trauma bag and Rifle in the trunk; check. Gas tank always at half full; check. Realization that even if you made it out of the city during a TEOTWAWKI scenario, you would have no place to take your family; check…Don’t you think it’s about time to get your Survival Retreat? In order to effectively bug-out from your urban area during a socio-economic collapse you need to have a fully self-sustainable survival retreat for off the grid living in the American Redoubt. The American Redoubt consists of survival retreat property in Idaho, Montana, Eastern Washington and Wyoming.


The team at Survival Retreat Consulting is dedicated to helping you find sustainable living real estate in Montana, Idaho and Eastern Washington. We also specialize in prepping, food storage, survival farming, sustainable energy, retreat infrastructure and tactical training in the American Redoubt.


United Country Strategic Relocation Realty was founded by Todd Savage, Owner of SRC, that specializes in offering the highest level of Strategic Relocation Services in the American Redoubt states of ID, MT, WA and WY. If you seek to find and purchase a rural retreat in these states, then ARR is here to help!


The Survival Retreat Consulting team understands the dynamics behind a successful retreat purchase. Why? All of us have our own families and have completed our journey to the American Redoubt having been in your shoes! We understand your spouse and the entire family must be happy with the locale.


Todd is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. I highly recommend his services.

- James Wesley, Rawles
Editor, Survivalblog.com
(Nov. 24, 2012)


Survival Retreat Consulting
PO Box 335
Moyie Springs, Idaho 83845

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